The Lakes - Explorer Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 34.97
A unique blend of 14 diverse botanicals, including Cumbrian juniper, and four others which are found in the Lake District National Park. On the nose, coriander, orange citrus, and cassia bark with slight notes of cracked black pepper and earl grey tea. A complex palate with herbal and vibrant notes of spice, coriander and juniper. An aromatic and lengthy finish. Process : Handmade copper pot still is charged with the finest English wheat spirit and our pure Cumbrian water, sourced from the River Derwent. The botanicals are carefully measured into the still and steeped overnight to extract the essential oils. The following day the steam is gently introduced and a long slow single batch distillation commences. Enjoy : Drink as you please. We recommend a slice of pink grapefruit to highlight certain nuances of our uber complex gin.