Delamain - Extra de Grande Champagne Decanter 70cl Bottle

£ 298.44
The Extra de Grande Champagne bottle is an original decanter, designed and blown for Delamain. The shield on the decanter comes from an original plate made by Henry Delamain in 1762 at his delftware factory in Dublin for the wedding of his nephew James Delamain to Marie Ranson. Matured in well seasoned Limousin oak, Delamains Extra de Grande Champagne is older than Pale & Dry XO and Vesper XO. Showing deep maturity and a full-bodied bouquet, it is the perfect expression of an old Cognac from Grande Champagne. Brilliant amber topaz with a wonderful soft golden clarity. The palate is full, deep, mature and mellow with a powerful perfume and length of fragrance.