Tips on Increasing Your Chances to Win in Online Football Betting

Do you love gambling? Are you into online football betting in particular? Well, like other people who also do it, you most probably do not seriously think that you are going to get rich from doing it. According to research, amongst the millions of people who bet on sports online on a regular basis, many of them are just doing it entirely for recreation, without expecting to ever win some money. And, most of the unlucky ones find that they always lose over time, and the bookmakers always win.

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However, it is actually possible to win more than you lose in this hobby. Here are tips from gambling experts that you can pick up:



  • Go for the highest price for your chosen bets.



If you are a Manchester United fan and you want your team to beat Arsenal, then you should make sure to take the highest price. Typically, the difference between the top and bottom prices is about 30%. Now, regardless of how lucky you think you are, you cannot give away this percentage and hope to win. You should still take the time to review the odds offered by trusted bookmaker sites. Also, make sure that the bookmaker you choose will actually pay out. You will know this by checking their history and license.



  • Do not forget to place a sure bet.



If you do not want to take risks with online football betting, then you should always place a sure bet, so you are going to win whatever happens. For example, if you are betting £500 on Manchester at 2.0 for the price, then you should lay it off at 1.9 for £500. This way, you are going to make less commission if your team wins. However, this usually means making more bets in the long run, with the bookmaker becoming greater. Nonetheless, this will allow you to make good money especially when you always go for the larger stakes. Check out Ebet88.



  • Go for bets that offer value.



As you do not have to pay exchange commissions when placing a value bet, you are actually making money. So, what is a value bet? For starters, it is a bet where a given outcome is more likely to happen than what the odds are reflecting. Now, to improve your chances of finding a value bet, you should specialise. In football, this means that you should get familiar with certain leagues. Also, you should have a good understanding of probabilities, as betting odds represent how particular outcomes will probably occur.


Basically, making a bet all comes down to choosing the price. In a way, you should never look at a football fixture and betting odd and then assume a result. Keep in mind that you will never know the results, and the same goes for bookmakers. However, bookies do have a rough idea of the probabilities of the possible outcomes, so they would price the fixtures that are most likely to win higher. Now, if a bookie believes that Manchester United is likely to win against Arsenal at home, then he would require a higher actual price for Manchester.


So, if you want to start making money from online football betting, then you should stop basing your betting decisions on what you think is the result—because you will never know! Instead, you should start basing your bets on prices. Visit us at

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